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A path to freedom

Take a moment and reflect on your day. Think about all the steps that led you to this moment: how you woke up; the meals or snacks you may have had, skipped or denied; the interactions you have had; the thoughts you hold in your mind; the way your body feels; and so on. Would you describe your day as one of flowing with ease, or one fractionalized with concern, pain, and lost control?

Our lives are absolutely a sum of our parts. All that we think, do, say, and even ingest becomes who we are. In other words, we have a special recipe full of ingredients from all areas of our lives that makes us who we are and how we show up in the world. If you believe that to be true, then it is important to understand that you have the capability to reverse any concern, pain, loss of control and suffering that may exist in your life. And by doing so, you begin your path to freedom.

Now, the change up along with the journey ahead may or may not be one of ease. And the difference between a temporary relief and a new way of exisiting is the work that you do, and the commitment you make to yourself in what you are willing to do and release in order to show up free. The magic we get to be a part of everyday with our patients is the co-creation between what we can provide for our patients in their path to freedom and healing along with a positive mindset, positive actions and choices, and a willingness to do the work to achieve the goal.

A goal in health is one that I do need to define because we may desire less pain, suffering, increased energy and drive, a comfortable weight, and achieved wellness within but it's a little bit of a misrepresentation to "achieve" what in actuality is a lifestyle and an ongoing process. Health is a journey, not a destination. You have the power to influence your health in so many ways! Every bite you take, every thought you hold, and every input you give yourself can either positively or negatively influence who you are and who you are becoming.

So, how do you turn yourself around and become what you want to be and walk the path to freedom Here are a few areas that we address with our patients to help them achieve wellness and step into freedom:

1. Diet! Of course diet! But, we're not talking about the calorie restriction, fasting type of diet. We are talking about following a plan that offers not only nourishment but food choices that complete the colors fo the rainbow, strengthen your body's ability to heal, and naturally boost your well being. We recommend focusing on non-GMO, organic, free-range, and if possible local as much as possible. Choose foods that were raised with TLC, and guess what, your body will be nourished with those same vibrations of TLC!

2. Hydration! The number one area that we know often times can turn a person's health around is hydration. But the key in hydration is finding a source that is as pure as you can get, and one that helps your individual body to absorb the water to hydrate. Increasing your water helps your body function more optimally while also helping to detoxify and eliminate excess toxins and metabolites out of the body.

3. Positive mental attitude! If you don't harness the power of what you can achieve in your health, and your mind is stuck in a rut on what you have to give up and eliminate chances are you are going to keep getting what you have always had when it comes to your health. However, if you are ready to begin the journey on the path to freedom, your mindset does require some shifting to see the positive side of what you are gaining in your choices and in your well being.

4. Regular wellness care & support. You can do so much to turn your health situation around, but often times it does require additional support from a healer that is truly focused on helping you to get you on the path to freedom. Having a care provider that you see regularly can also help remove the obstacles that your mind-body-spirit may need support in eliminating. We know it is especially important to seek care when you are undergoing a transformation from where you are now, to where you want to be in your wellness goals.

5. Daily reflection. Whether you pray, meditate, or journal, having a daily practice that allows you to reflect, dive deep and release is one of the best ways you can help stay on track in your path to freedom! Plus the added bonus of raising your vibration and increasing your positive mental awareness is key in influencing your thoughts and actions for success.

6. Surrender. This does go hand-in-hand with having a positive mental attitude, but surrendering and allowing for peace, flow, ease, love and light can help you release the tension of holding on to what no longer serves you and shift towards your new way of being on your path to freedom! It does take mindfulness and practice. When you feel yourself slipping into negativitly, fear, and loss, surrender to the moment and let go. The moment will pass, and you have the option of showing up different in a blink of an eye.

7. Feed your growth! And by this we mean, feed yourself with the books, teachings, and insights from those who can help you take your health and your thoughts about your health to another level. We recommend picking up books on personal development, videos on achieving more in life, and articles that inspire you to become the person you want to reflect out into the world. Feeding your growth will only help to fuel you to the next level and will keep you moving along in your path to freedom and beyond. We recommend simply reading 5-10 pages a day, or watching a quick 2-3 minute video that resets your outlook and perspective to achieve your desires.

8. Share. Sharing is caring. But that doesn't mean go vomit all of your new lifestyle changes on to someone who just.isn't.there! Share with a person who wants to hear what you are doing and one that will continue to support you or even join you on your journey. Your influence can help solidfy your changes in your path to freedom as well as help another who is looking to make the transition but doesn't know how. As you become more equipped with your experience, your experience can help to teach and guide others! This is when you truly know that you are free!

We wish you freedom as you seek your path and we always look forward to walking the walk with you and supporting those called to step in with us to achieve total mind-body-spirit freedom!


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