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What Patients have to say.

Below is a sample of testimonials from patients we have treated and have gotten real results.

My life has changed


​In 2005 my life dramatically changed; forever.  I went from a healthy, vibrant, happy and strong marathon runner and full-time fitness professional who thrived off of working out and living a healthy lifestyle, to someone who was 20 pounds heavier, puffy, foggy headed, anxious, depressed and very emotionally unstable.  I had developed asthma, total body muscle pain and debilitating fatigue and brain fog.  I was someone that I didn't know and that I didn't all. 

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Colitis relief


Before I met Dr. Dean, I  suffered for over 20 years with chronic ulcerating colitis.  A colonoscopy  was performed every year,  and every year the news was getting worse.  The colon was inflamed, the walls of the colon were thinning,  and during one colonoscopy the colon was perforated.  I was told that I would eventually have to have the colon removed and of course colon cancer was a frightening possibility.   After spending three days in the hospital, my daughter suggested that I needed to see a colleague of her Chiropractor, and that was  Dr. Dean Schaner.

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Immediate Relief


This past winter, I crashed while snowboarding and consequently did quite a number on my back. I visited my chiropractor right away, and while that visit offered some relief, I was still in extraordinary pain. My sister had recommended Dr. Dean and at this point I figured I had nothing to lose by trying someone new. I called and was able to land an appointment the same afternoon. Upon meeting Dr. Dean, I immediately felt comfortable, as he is pleasant and just absolutely wonderful.

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A Gifted Healer


Dr Dean Schaner....without question he is gifted, extremely knowledgeable, thoughtful, and focused. When I was referred to him, I didn’t know what to expect as I had never even heard the word “kinesiology”.  What awaited me was enlightenment, health, encouragement and direction for my health journey that I before had not experienced. What drew me back to repeated visits with Dr Schaner was the fact that he actually cared about my issues and was intent on helping me get better–‘western medicine’ failed to do that for me. It is refreshing to know there are people out there that care, and that have the know-how and ability to help and to heal--Dr Schaner is one of those people. I am also impressed that Dr Schaner continues his learning and also has the desire to teach others.  Today I can say I’m thankful and grateful our paths crossed :) Thank you so much Dr Schaner for everything, you are amazing!! 


                                                                                      --Michelle O.

Dr. Dean takes a different approach...


let the patient tell him what their body is having issues with. He cares about the patient actually healing. He calls on patients to check-in with them, to find out how they are doing! I have never had a doctor call me to ask how I am!! Dr. Dean does just this, and shows concern and care for his patients. Combined with Jenn's care from the nutritional instruction, theirs is a complete, personal, whole being, care. This is how a patient should be treated: naturally, with Innate Wisdom.

                                       ---Casey H.

A Rare Gift....


Dr. Dean is one of those rare individuals who has a gift that benefits people immensely, and who uses it in a spirit of joy and humble service. I have seen Dr. Dean numerous times, and every single time I experienced both immediate shifting and balancing, as well as long term health or healing appropriate to the symptoms I had. I trust Dr. Dean, his skill, his intention and his method. I recommend him confidently and without reservation to anyone who is fortunate enough to have discovered him and who wants to live in alignment with their highest potential.

                                    --Amy L.

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