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Immediate Relief...

This past winter, I crashed while snowboarding and consequently did quite a number on my back. I visited my chiropractor right away, and while that visit offered some relief, I was still in extraordinary pain. My sister had recommended Dr. Dean and at this point I figured I had nothing to lose by trying someone new.


I called and was able to land an appointment the same afternoon. Upon meeting Dr. Dean, I immediately felt comfortable, as he is pleasant and just absolutely wonderful. He asked questions and kept me informed throughout the entire process, and I learned so much, certainly exceeding my expectations of simply fixing my back.


I am convinced he is a true miracle worker; when I arrived at his office my back was going in unnatural directions, and when I finished with my treatment I not only was straight, but my entire body, and mind, felt better than before my injury! And as an added bonus, he confirmed my suspicion that I was gluten intolerant; knowing this has drastically changed my quality of life in such a positive way. I walked out of his office that day with a straighter back, a happier soul and a healthier mind and body. I now make Dr. Dean part of my health maintenance routine and very enthusiastically recommend him to anyone. There isn't a person alive who wouldn't benefit, in some capacity, from a visit to Dr. Dean. 


Leisa K.

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