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How we're different

​​​What makes us different and unique is our philosophy, our approach and the comprehensiveness of our care. 


Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is that you can heal your life.  Your body and nature provides all the wisdom and tools you need to heal yourself safely and effectively the way nature intended. 


While the current medical approach is primarily focused on treating symptoms with potentially harmful drugs that often have unwanted side effects, we take a different approach.  We see the human being as self healing and work to support that ability by addressing the cause of the health problem and providing natural, safe, and effective therapies that support the healing process.  We actually improve our patient’s health on all levels, and empower them to have a fully functioning mind and body and thrive rather than just survive their life. 


The Evaluation

In order to understand our patient's unique health concerns and needs we utilize a thurough and  integrated 3 step evaluation process that few practioners use.


The First Step in the evaluaiton process includes a extensive health history.  In this step we listen to the patient's health concerns and goals or intended outcomes from care.  We also consider the patients whole heatlh history and symptoms both chronic and acute.  It is this step that is crucial to understanding the nature and needs of the patient.


The Second Step involves a through clinical examination as well as a kinesiological evaluation (manual muscle testing utlized as biofeedback from the body)  It is this step that we obtain information from the body that no other lab test or evaluation can provide.  By observing the outcomes of the manual muscle test we are able to determine areas of the body which are in most need of attention, reactions to food and other substances, imbalances in organs, glands, and the acupuncture meridian systems.  It is through the kinesiological evalution your body tells your doctor what is the general nature of your health related problem.


The Third Step involves the use of labortoray testing.  Where kinesiology provides qualitive information (tells us where there are problems but does not measure anything to determine to waht degree) Labortory testing provides quantiative measurements of health and dysfunction. Lab testing may include evalution of  salivia, blood, urine, stool samples.


























The Right Care

The right care is care that works with and supports  your body's own natural healing process that is specific to you. Giving your body exactly what it needs in the form of good nutrition, bodywork, and adjusting the subtle energies of the body as well as addressing your mental and emotional well-being fully supports that natural healing process. However, we are all unique individuals and the needs of our minds and bodies will be as unique as  we are.  That's why we tailor our care to the patients needs and no two treatments or treatment plans are the same. 

Our care itself is unique because it is guided by the inner wisdom of your body.  Through manual muscle testing we are able to have a "dialogue" with your inner doctor to see what your inner doctor says is wrong and what is the best way to help support the natural healing process. The on / off or strong / weak muscle responses from your body gives us immediate feedback as to what / where the problem is and what therapy(s) best support the natural healing process. 


"When the right thing is done in the right way at the right time, miracles happen."

Dr. Victor Frank


Our Scope of Care

Our scope of care includes the best of Chiropractic, Acupuncture Meridian Therapy, Homeopathy, Clinical Nutrition and Function Medicine, and mind-body energy medicine.  In this way it's like having 4 or 5 doctors in one.


"It's like having 4 or 5 doctors in one!"

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Meet with Dr Dean Schaner and Jenn Jessup, MNT for an initial  whole body evaluation which gets to the root of your health issues.



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