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Our unique approach

About us

There are so many approaches to health, and various types of "health care" in our world today.  While some people opt for a medical approach, it is important to note that this area is primarily focused on treating symptoms through medications only that often have side effects, and don't always address the real cause of the problem.  This is the path of some, however, at Wisdom Health Center, we take a different approach.  We believe the human being possess innately the ability to heal when "fed" the right conditions.  And we work to support that natural ability by addressing and removing the cause(s) of the health problem and provide natural, safe, and effective therapies that support the healing process.  We actually improve our patient’s health on all levels, and empower them to have a fully functioning mind-body-spirit to thrive rather than just merely surviving life. 


If this approach sounds right for you or if you would like to learn more please contact us by calling: 720.251.3188.

Dr Dean Schaner, B.S., D.C., D.I.B.A.K.

Bachelors of Science (Human Anatomy, Fitness and Wellness)

Doctorate of Chiropractic
Diplomate International Board of Applied Kinesiology (Professional Applied Kinesiologist)


Dr Dean Schaner is a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic and a board certified diplomat  Professional Applied Kinesiologist. Through is own health struggles he has become an expert in human health and disease. He has dedicated is life to understanding the human condition as it relates to good health rather than just the mere absence of disease. He helps his patients address the root cause of their health issue support their own healing process.  He was selected as the best diplomat candidate of the year through the international board of examiners for 2010-2011 year.  


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Jenn Jessup

Bachelors of Science

Master Nutrition Therapist


Jenn Jessup holds a Bachelor's of Science in Psychology from Colorado State University and is a master Nutrition Therapist.  



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Our Philosophy

We believe in the natural healing abilities of our body's and that nature does the healing.  Any therapy that leads to a true cure can only help and support that natural ability.

Our Mission

To create a world of healthy, happy, conscious people.

Our Principles

We operate on our 3 basic principles which are:

  • Address the cause, not just the symptoms.
  • Let food be thy medicine.
  • Your body knows how to heal.

​Address the cause: Most approaches in today's healthcare system are solely focused on symptom suppression rather than identifying and addressing the source of the disease or illness. Treating a symptom only gives temporary relief or conceals the true nature of the problem often making the over all health of the patient worse later on down the road.  At Wisdom Health Center, LLC we focus our attention on addressing the cause of the health problem rather than only the symptom and utilize therapies that support the natural healing ability of the person. 

Food as medicine: Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, said "Let food be your medicine." He understood that what we feed ourselves would either contribute to our health and well-being or work against it leading to deteriorating health and disease.  At Wisdom Health Center we recognize that many of the health conditions that plague us today are directly related to the quality of our food and eating habits. We use a simple approach, again taught to us through the wisdom of natural cycles in our body's and our environment and apply them to how we nourish ourselves.  Each one of our patients build a healthy relationship with food and learn the tools to eat and stay healthy for the every changing seasons of a lifetime.

Your body knows:  Your body has an innate ability to heal itself.  This ability happens whether you are aware of it or not and is the the only thing that truly enables one to heal and recover from any disease or illness.  We work to tap into this innate ability and support it through a form of biofeedback called kinesiology or manual muscle testing.  Kinesiology lets us receive instant information from the body through on / off or strong / weak reactions in the neuro-muscular system. This reaction helps us identify the sources of the problem and what natural approach will best support the healing function of the body.  It is our way to have a dialogue with your inner doctor to find out what your inner doctor says is wrong and how to help it.  Your body knows how to heal.  We just need to support and let it.

"Dr. Dean takes a different approach...

by letting the patient tell him what their body is having issues with. He cares about the patient actually healing. He calls on patients to check-in with them, to find out how they are doing! I have never had a doctor call me to ask how I am!! Dr. Dean does just this, and shows concern and care for his patients. Combined with Jenn's care from the nutritional instruction, theirs is a complete, personal, whole being, care. This is how a patient should be treated: naturally, with Innate Wisdom.

                                       ---Casey H.

A Rare Gift....

Dr. Dean is one of those rare individuals who has a gift that benefits people immensely, and who uses it in a spirit of joy and humble service. I have seen Dr. Dean numerous times, and every single time I experienced both immediate shifting and balancing, as well as long term health or healing appropriate to the symptoms I had. I trust Dr. Dean, his skill, his intention and his method. I recommend him confidently and without reservation to anyone who is fortunate enough to have discovered him and who wants to live in alignment with their highest potential.

                                    --Amy L.

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