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We Are Heading to Thailand. April 1st - Intro to Kinesiology 4 hours, 

Introduction to Muscle Testing (Kinesiology): 4 hours

An Introduction to Muscle Testing


This is an introductory class about using muscle testing as an assessment tool. (a.k.a kinesiology.)  Muscle testing acts like biofeedback from the body through strong – weak muscle responses. In this manner one can gain valuable insight from the body as to where there maybe problems within normal physical-energetic communication. Restoring this communication is paramount in returning the body it’s natural healing state.  

In this class we will review the history of muscle testing, how it works, ways to use muscle testing and how to accurately muscle test. We will also discuss muscle testing as a tool to assess organ, gland, and acupuncture meridian systems. We will teach you how to clear yourself and others of Neurological Disorganization and confusion for more accurate results. We will also introduce the connection between emotions, organs, glands and the acupuncture meridian system as well as give you tools to reset these emotional patterns.

Finally, muscle testing and the MAP of Consciousness as described by Dr David Hawkins will be discussed and a simple system shifting your “Level” of consciousness will be demonstrated.

Please join us for a very powerful introduction to Kinesiology, one that will change how you view the world and yourself.

​Resetting Your Body Using Muscle Testing


In this class we will explore how to use muscle testing to detect and restore normal brain-body, organ and gland function as well as how to reset the “biocomputer” of the body. This is the foundation for building good health and should be taken before the emotions class.


In this class we will focus on using specific “Body Points” for resetting organs, glands, as well as detecting any issues with infections, toxins and allergies. We will teach a simple method to reset and restore the mind-body-energetic communication. We will also demonstrate how to detect allergies, sensitivities and intolerances and what to do about them.


**Reestablishing the normal communication between the brain and body is an important first step to restoring optimal body function.


You will learn:


  • How to test for and correct imbalances in organs and glands using body points

  • How to detect and reset allergies

  • Identify Microbial infections like viruses, bacteria, parasites etc. and how to best support the body.

  • Identify Toxicity issues

  • How to Reset your Adrenal glands and endocrine system!!

  • How to fix your brain and reset your biocomputer




Muscle Testing and Emotions.

In general, when a strong muscle weakens to a thought, or personal declarative statement this represent an imbalance in the body’s energetic systems, nervous systems and acupuncture meridian systems. Various techniques on how to simply reset these physical-emotional-energetic imbalances will be discussed and demonstrated.

Specific emotions have been shown to effect certain organs and acupuncture meridians.  For example fear affects the kidney meridian, anger the liver, grief the lung, worry the spleen etc.. These emotion-organ correlations will be discussed as well as how to use muscle testing to assess the emotional-meridian correlation.

We will also discuss the "Map of Consciousness" based on the work of Dr David Hawkins M.D., author of the book Power vs. Force. I will teach you how to use the Map of Consciousness as well as a simple procedure to raise and experience ​higher levels of consciousness...


You will learn:


  • ​The link between emotions and organ and glands

  • How test for emotional patterns that are creating organ, gland and meridian imbalances

  • A simple procedure to reset the emotional stress.

  • How to detect and eliminate Self Sabotage a.k.a. Psychological Reversal

  • How to use the Beginning and Ending points on the face to restore emotional balance

  • How to Test for and Raise Your Level of Consciousness using a simple procedure.

  • How all minds are linked..


These 3 classes will change how you think of healing and how your body works.

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