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Colitis Relief...

Before I met Dr. Dean, I  suffered for over 20 years with chronic ulcerating colitis.  A colonoscopy  was performed every year,  and every year the news was getting worse.  The colon was inflamed, the walls of the colon were thinning,  and during one colonoscopy the colon was perforated.  I was told that I would eventually have to have the colon removed and of course colon cancer was a frightening possibility.   After spending three days in the hospital, my daughter suggested that I needed to see a colleague of her Chiropractor, and that was  Dr. Dean Schaner.

I can say unequivocally that Dr. Dean was the exact Doctor I needed to see at that exact time.  His initial exam was extensive, asking  many questions about my general health and specifically about the frequency of the colitis flare ups.  Up to that time, I had experienced at least two to three painful flare ups every year. Some years there were more.  He then questioned me about my diet.  No one had ever mentioned that diet could have a direct effect on my disease, until Dr. Dean.  He also counseled me on the effects of stress on my disease.

Prior to meeting Dr. Dean, I had never been to a Chiropractor and I had absolutely no knowledge of what a Kinesiologist was.   I had many reservations about seeing him, however my situation was getting worse and I was desperate for help.  I have to admit that I really don't understand what Dr. Dean does, indeed, I've often called him my "Voodoo Doctor."  But, what I do understand is this:  He was the one who discovered that I had a sensitivity to wheat and consequently, to  gluten.   Dr. Dean was the one who suggested that I stop eating pasta, bread, pastries, actually anything that contained gluten.  He introduced me to his diet and told me that if I followed it, I would see an improvement in my general health.  He also suggested that I stop drinking the diet drinks that I consumed daily.  And of course, to eliminate sugar as much as possible  from my diet.  And he recommended drinking lots of water.

Dr. Dean's diet emphasizes protein and vegetables.  Fortunately I have always eaten lots of vegetables and although in recent years I have cut back on eating a lot of meat, I had incorporated fish into my diet.  The first week was difficult, so many snacks that I had eaten previously contained gluten.  Dr. Dean had mentioned that he could perform needed manipulations and adjustments but it was up to me to adopt his diet and that could be the hardest part of the treatment.   Within a month, I was no longer  bloated, there was a reduction in gas,  and I was losing inches from my waist and hips.  I considered that to be a delightful  gift!  Best of all, the colitis flare ups were significantly reduced.

I have adhered to Dr. Dean's diet for almost three years.  As a result, I no longer have any Spring or Fall allergy attacks, the colitis flare ups have been reduced significantly, my energy level has risen two-fold and honestly I have stopped yearning for desserts, pasta and bread.  On holidays I allow myself a small treat,  but those are few and far between.  I haven't been sick in almost three years, not even with the common cold.  My daughter told me that she always remembered me as being sick!  I feel like I'm finally experiencing good health.

I consider Dr. Dean to be a knowledgeable and caring Doctor.  He has given me a new attitude about my diseaseI,  and hope that what I am doing by keeping to his diet and my visits with him, that colitis flare ups will be a thing of the past.  I sincerely recommend  Dr. Dean Schaner to anyone who needs a caring, knowledgeable, and outstanding Doctor.

Edie L.


I've noticed recently that my hair is beginning to curl!  I did have naturally curly hair when I was younger until my mother decided to give me a permanent, which totally wiped out all natural curl for decades.

When I visited my hair salon last week, the stylist commented on my hair saying, "Edie, I do believe you're getting some curl in your hair."

She explained that hair is made up of protein, and with all the protein I've consumed the last 2.5 years, she thought that my natural curl may just make another appearance!

Another added bonus to the Dr. Dean diet!

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