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A Revolutionary, Non-Medical Way to Get Your Life Back!!

​Are you looking for answers and a non-medical solution for your health issues? We can help someone just like you!
If you are like most of our patients, you are searching for a solution to your chronic health problem, chronic pain or low energy.  You may have even been helped by some approaches, but the results were short-lived, or resulted in negative side-effects because of a temporary symptom-relief approach rather than addressing the underlying cause(s) to your situation.  You may feel discouraged and have accepted that your current health may never get better. 
We are here to reassure you that there is hope, and that you can feel great again!  With over 10 years of experience, we have been helping people just like you get their heatlh back. You can heal your mind, body and spirit. We can help.


Do you suffer from low energy, depression or anxiety, digestive issues or hormonal imbalances? Do you seem to be chronically "not well", suffer from allergies and have a multitude of symptoms that no one can seem figure out what is going on?  You could be suffering from Adrenal Stress Disorder - a condition where the body's ability to adapt to stress fails and multiple of seemingly unrelated symptoms develop.  To take our adrenal stress survey or to find out more click the link below and discover how to move from fatgiued to fantastic. 
Adrenal Stress Survey






From This

  • Low Energy

  • Depression or Anxiety

  • Allergies

  • Digestive Issues

  • Hormonal Issues

  • Trouble Sleeping

  • Trouble losing weight

  • Pain

  • Multiple Chemical Sensitivies

  • Headaches


To this

  • Increased Vitality

  • Increased sense of peace

  • Improved Digestion

  • Mental Clarity

  • Improved Connection with mind and body

  • Better sleep

  • Achieve Ideal Weight

  • Balance Hormonals

  • Incresaed Immune Function

  • Improved Tolerance to Stress

  • Reduction in Allergies

  • Pain free


  • Fatigue

  • ​Allergies

  • Anxiety 

  • Depression

  • Accidents 

  • Injuries

  • Back Pain

  • ADD / ADHD

  • ​Thyroid Disorders

  • ​Infertility

  • PMS

  • Hormonal Issues

  • Headaches

  • TMJ

  • ​​Autoimmune

  • Chronic Illness

  • Sleep Disorders

  • Blood Sugar

  • Digestive Issues

  • ​Immune Problems

  • Stress Disorders

  • Learning Problems

  • Memory

  • Lymes disease

  • Addictions

  • Weight Loss

  • ​Pain

  • Inflammation​

Our 5 Step System to Getting Your Life Back!!


Find Out More!

Who We Are
  • Caring
  • Honest
  • Experts
  • Solution-driven
  • Committed
  • Affordable
  • Cutting Edge Care!!

"After years of struggling with pain, fatigue, and hormone problems I finally feel like I'm getting my life back, thanks to the work of Dr Schaner and Jenn Jessup."    - J.J.

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Stress and your body circuits!

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