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Our 5 Step Process to Getting Your Health Back


We have a 5 step process that addresses the cause of health issues and supports the natural healing process.


  1. Assess the Stress: The Evaluation

  2. Reset the Fuse: Turn on your healing ability

  3. Make the Change: Diet and Lifestyle

  4. Support: Depleted Organs and Glands

  5. Maintain the Gain: Fortune is in the follow up


Our Process


Step 1: Assess the Stress: The Evaluation

Our evluation is a through physical and kineisological evaluation like no other.  The purpose of our evaluation is to determine the nature of your condition and what is the source of your current health issue. Through our throrough clincial and labortary evaluation we can determine the cause of your health condition, areas in your body that are out of balance and what type of therapy and lifesyle recommendation you require to improve your health. 


Step 2: Reset the Fuse - Turn on your healing ability

Just like in your house you can’t use your lights, toaster, hair dryer when you “blow a fuse” your body too does not function properly when too much "stress" short ciruits our biological fuses. Our treatments are designed to identify and restore harmony and balance to your body’s biological circuits. This also includes balancing of your acupuncture meridian systems. A good treatment with us resets, haromonizes and jumpstarts your body’s ability to heal.


Step 3: Make the Change: Diet and Lifestyle

It’s the things that we do, or don’t do each and every day that leads us to sickness or health. The foods we eat, or don’t eat in some cases, the water we drink, the quality of our exercise, sleep and thoughts all impact our health. When things start to go bad and symptoms develop is the perfect time to evaluate and make changes to our dietary and daily routine. In our practice we find that many patients have food allergies or intolerances as well as an overall imbalance in their diets that lead to chronic health issues. Without changes in Diet and Lifestyle long term health is virtually impossible. There is no substitute for Diet and Lifestyle.  


Step 4: Support: Depleted organs and glands

Through chronic stress or illness our bodies can become depleted and need extra support. This may include an increase in certain nutrients, herbal remedies, or physical and structural support. Kinesiology (manual muscle testing) can determine which type of support your body is requireing that is specific to you. Your doctor will tell you which “support” is right for you.


Step 5: Maintain the Gain: Fortune is in the Follow Up

Follow up appointments are essential to make sure that your body is staying “online” and that your symptoms are improving. Regular appointments ensures that you are moving in the direction of improved health and keeps you on track.


(Most patients can expect a minimum of 6 to 12 weeks, of initial care for significant and long lasting health improvements to appear. Others may take 6 months to a year.)





Make An Appointment

Are you looking for answers? 

Meet with Dr Dean Schaner and Jenn Jessup, MNT for an initial  whole body evaluation which gets to the root of your health issues.



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