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Stress and your body circuits

What circuits have you blown?


Stress of all kinds has been shown to “blow” biological circuits in the body, much in the same way an overloaded circuit in your house will blow a fuse or circuit breaker.  When this happens in the human body optimal body function diminishes and symptoms begin to develop.



Common indicators that you blew it.

Signs and Symptoms that you blew a circuit


· Fatigue

· Digestive issue

· Hormonal irregularities

· Sugar cravings

· Headaches      

· Depression or Anxiety

· Allergies

· Memory Issues

· Sleep problems

· Performance issues?



Kinesiology, or manual muscle testing, has shown that certain muscles and body reflex points will test “weak” or “off” when that neurological-energetic circuit has been compromised and no longer functioning as it should. Through the use of kinesiology (manual muscle testing) these circuits can be identified and therapies applied to “restore” normal body function and thus improve the natural healing process as well as increase states of well-being.


Total Body Modification

T.B.M. is a specific kinesiological based system that has been developed for more than four decades that identifies various dysfunctions in the “bio-computer” of the body and restores functional physiology (how the body works) as well as harmonizes the body’s energies to various noxious, or harmful substances.  Through a thorough T.B.M. evaluation and treatment the precise body functions that have been compromised can be determined and “reset” allowing the brain and body to communicate more fully and healing to occur as nature intended.  With the proper diet, nutritional, and lifestyle support in conjunction regular T.B.M. maintenance of body circuits the body will continue to heal, detoxify and maintain balance.


Commonly Blown Body Circuits


When stress of any kind exceeds your body’s ability to handle it, neurons in your brain essentially depolarize and function to your various organs and glands are altered. This is equivalent to blowing a fuse or circuit breaker in your house. The result is that that organ or gland doesn’t function as it should and symptoms  begin to develop.


We have found that there are certain “reflexes” or “body circuits” that commonly go offline when stress becomes overwhelming.  These are:


1. Blood Sugar Circuit

2. Thyroid and Adrenal Glands

3. The Pancreas, Liver and Gallbladder

4. Intestine, both large and small

5. Thymus and immune system

6. The ADD/ADHD and brain circuits.

7. Reproductive organs






The Guilty Culprits


There are many reason why someone’s body will “blow” different biological circuits but we have found that the most common causes of biologically blown circuits which lead to poor health are:


1. Dehydration / Underhydration

2. Blood Sugar Dysregulation (Hypoglycemia, Hyperglycemia and situation of both)

3. Food Allergies and Sensitivities

4. Toxicities and Infections

5. Mental & Emotion Stress


A Revolutionary Non-Medical Way to Improve Your Health!


When the body’s circuits are restored and the guilty culprits are properly addressed with the appropriate diet, nutritional and lifestyle changes—miracles can happen and we see it every day in our office. To see if you have a condition we can help please give us a call and set up an initial evaluation.

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