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Order Supplements Here

To order your supplements from Emerson Ecologics click the link below

To order your supplements from Xymogen click the link Below.

EHT Mind Enhancement Formula


EHT is an exclusive mind enhancement formula developed after 20 years of research out of Dr. Jeffery Stock's Lab at Princeton University.  To order click the link below:



Nerium Age Defying Skin Creams


Nerium International is a company that produces products backed by science to improve the appearance of aging skin.  To order product click the link below:

Instructions on how to order.


To order product from either Emerson Ecologics or Xymogen, click on the appropriate link above.  That will take you to a seperate page to set up your account.  Please fill in all the required information.  The pass code for each site is apples


The referring doctor is Dr Dean Schaner.


Once your account is set up you can order your supplements.  The supplements are shipped directly to you. Take your supplements as prescribed by your doctor and enjoy your return to good health.


If you have any questions, comments or concerns about ordering or with the products themselves please feel free to contact me.


Dr Dean Schaner.

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Meet with Dr Dean Schaner and Jenn Jessup, MNT for an initial  whole body evaluation which gets to the root of your health issues.



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