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Frequently Asked Questions.

Do you treat and have you had succes treating my particular pain / health problem?

We treat a multitiude of health related issues. On this website you will see a list of the various conditons we have helped.  Regardless of your health condition or issue our basic philosophy still applies.  We support the body's own healing ability by first identifying what is causing the condition and then support the body with the appropriate food and nutrition and therapy that assists your own unique healing process.  Our methods work for vitually any health condition or concern.


How does your approach work and what makes it different or better?

Our approach works by first identify what is causing the condition. This can be done with our three step evaluation which includes: a thorough health history and symptom survey, a complete clinical and kinesiological evaluation, and the use of cutting edge laborotary tests which can include and evaluation of salivia, blood, urine and stool.


After a complete thorough evaluation we then utilize the best methods and techniques in the natural healing feild all of which is guided by the wisdom of your body.  Therapies used may include:  chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture meridian therapy, homeopathy, clincial nutrition products and herbs, diet or food therapy, color therapy, Neuro-Emotional Technique, Total Body Modification and more.  All therapies are utilized  based on how your body responds via the biofeed back of the manual muscle test.  In this way we eliminate the guess work as to which therapy will provide the best results, saving you time and money.  Very few healthcare  practioners use such approach.  For us this is what sets us apart from the rest of helathcare doctors and is what provides our patients with truely amazing results.


How long will it take before I feel better?​

The time it takes for you to feel better depends on your initial health status, how long you have had the problem, and your willingness and ability to follow our recommendations.  Most patients few much, much better in just a few visits and some have immediate results.  Again this just depneds on you and the nature of your health condition. Our goal and intention is for you to have noticable improvements in just the first few weeks of care.


For most chronic conditions we like for patients to be under our care for three months. The number of visits and frequency is based on need and varies for patient to patient.


Exactly what do you do? And what is the treatment process?​​

The first thing we do is listen to you and to what your body has to say as to the nature of your health problem in conjunction with the best lab assessments available to best understand you and your health condition.  Then we provide the most appropiate therapy based on kinesiology and our clinical experience that supports the natural healing process of your body, bringing you back into healing balance. We also provide indiviualized nutrition plans with Jenn Jessup which addresses your relationship with food, your unique nutritonal requriements and is fundamental for building health and well being.  Without proper food and eating habits long term health and disease prevention can not be obtained.


The treatment process itself is safe and painless.  The treatment is guide by your body and is designed to address the areas of your mind and body that are most out of balance. The treatment balances, harmonizes and resets your body's biological circuits which leaves you feeling lighter, more at peace, and grounded.


The Treatment is like having a major overhaul or reboot of your mind and body restoring you to an improved state of  function and well-being.  Most has never had a treatment quite like this before.


The initial treatment generally takes longer than follow up treatments.  As your body begins to self heal and as you follow our diet and lifestlye recommendations less treatment time is generally required on follow up visits.



How many visits will it take and how much will it cost?​​

We prefer to use the word "investment" rather than cost when it comes to your health.  Cost infers an expense to you were investment implies something your are giving to recieve something back for yourself. This is an investment you are making for your health which will give you dividends the rest of your life.


The number of visits and frequency is based on need and varies for patient to patient.

For most chronic conditions we like for patients to be under our care for three months. The number of treatments with Dr Dean Schaner may range form 3 to 7 and 3 to 7 sessions with Jenn Jessup.  The investment for these type of care may range from $600 to $2100 and depends greatly on your current conditon, needs, and desired outcome.  We provide treatment plan options and flexible payment plans.


Do you take insurance?​

We do not take and are not on any insurance plans.  We can provide you with a super bill that you can submit to your insurance company and based on your plan they will reimburse you.


Do you think you can help me?​

We help the overwhelming majority of our patients and if you have a condition that we don't think we can help we will let you know and refer you to someone who we think can help you. Our goal is that you get the results you are looking for regardless if it is with us and our approach or with someone else.  You deserve to be healthy and happy and more than likely we can significantly help you with your condition.


How is your approach and treatment different than what I have already tried?

Our approach is different from most health care providers because of our core principles, philosophy and comphrehensiveness of our evaluation and the care that we give is guided by your innate intelligence.


Our Core Principles

  • Address the cause not just the symptoms:  Many healthcare providers focus on symptom reduction which can offer short term results but no long term benfits because the cause of the problem has not been addressed.  Symptom reduction only can create other more servere problems in the long run where as addressing and eliminateing the cause can create a fuller long lasting improvement of health

  • Let food be thy medicine:  The food we eat can be friend - building a healthy mind and body or foe - creating mental and physical health problems.  When we look and the most problematic heatlh conditons we face like heart disease, cancer, diabetes all of these or rooted in the diet we eat.  Change to a diet that is more approipiate for the individual and health can be restored.

  • Your body knows how to heal.  We only need to support that process by first removing obstacles to healing (dehydration, poor diet, food sensitivites, toxciities, infection and emotional stress) and then supporting the body with what it needs most to heal and be fully functioning.  Many practioners  see the body as a chemical machine that needs to controled and manipulated through drugs and other chemical therapies.  Working with your body's ability to heal involves more than just chemical manipulation and also includes physical, mental and emotional aspects of the patient aswell.  True healing and health requres a comphrensive appraoch that address the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical needs of the individual.



Comprhensiveness of Care

Few healthcare providers have an evaluation as comprehensive as the one we provide or the broad scope of theapies to utilize to assist the healing process of the individual. 


An example of this is the typical chiropractic doctor who sees all problems as being an interference with the nerve flow from the brain through the spine to your muslces and organs.  The treatment for this is to find and remove structural interfence patterns called subluxations with a chiropractic adjustment. Often requiring multiple adjustments over a period of time to correct the issue or problem. 


Though this approach is philosophical sound it misses and doesn't address the underlying cause of how did that "subluxtion" get there in the first place.  Perhaps some other type of intervention or care would be more effective in solving that particular issue.  In our practice we utilize many therapies that support the healing ability of the body which include chiropractic care as well as, homepathy, nutrition, mind-body therapy like NET or TBM, color therapy and more. Which therapy is best  for your is dtermined by biofeedback from your body via manual muscle testing.  In this way we are able to provid the most appropriate care for YOU! and gives us a huge advantage over other health care providers.  This is also the reason why our patients get dramatic results in recorded time.


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